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The venue hire quoted is for the exclusive use of your function for the time agreed. Included in the venue hire are standard furniture and equipment and table linen. Our venue charge for a reception from 1 September 2013, is R5500. In addition to this, the chapel charge for a wedding ceremony is R1200. A breakage deposit of R2000 is also payable. This will be refunded 1 week after the wedding less any breakage costs. Price increases will apply every September.


Our extensive menus are interchangeable to accommodate your personal requirements. Please note that all the prices are subject to change and are binding for 6 months from the time of the quotation. These prices include waitron and servicing charges, white table cloths, basic cutlery and crockery. Children 2 – 12 years will be charged 50% of the agreed adult menu price. Outside caterers are allowed but a R55pp surcharge will apply and special terms and conditions apply.


We require clients to brief us regarding their requirements for the provision of a Full Bar, Wine, Malt, Soft drink Bar or Cash Bar.

A request can be made for certain items to be excluded from the bar list.

Clients are welcome to set a limit on the total bar expenditure for their account.

In order to maintain control of this account, we are willing to supply a regular reconciliation of the bar account during the function.

An updated list of bar prices is available on request.

Wine orders need to be placed two / three weeks prior to a function.

The bar will remain open as long as it is busy.

No alcohol is allowed to be brought onto Everwood premises unless arranged with Everwood first and then a corkage fee will apply. Should alcohol be brought in, without permission, by guest or wedding party a R500 fine will apply and may be offset against the breakage deposit


  • In the event of extra people arriving on the day of your wedding a R60 surcharge per person will apply.
  • Friday weddings are given standard table cloths, however, if the wedding on the Saturday is small and we have enough cloths, we will use the special patterned white elite table cloths.
  • Everwood is, by law, a non-smoking venue. People may only smoke in the designated outdoor areas.
  • Plastic chairs will be used once all the standard conference type chairs are used up
  • No fireworks will be allowed on the Everwood property.
  • Hooting and loud music will not be permitted in the drive way and parking areas.
  • An overtime rate of R500-00 per half hour or part thereof will be charged after midnight and may automatically be offset against the breakage deposit.
  • SET UP: set-up / deliveries to be arranged with management in advance – if no function on the Friday the venue will be available for set-up between 9:00 and 16:00 or, alternatively open for set up / deliveries on Saturday morning from 9:00.
  • Rehearsal times – to be arranged in advance at no extra charge.
  • Extra viewing times can be arranged for decorators, parents, photographers by appointment. Please try to use open viewing times every Saturday 10-12pm.
  • Please ensure that an acceptable level of noise is maintained during the function -patio doors / windows on northern side of the hall will be closed from 22:00 to avoid sound from traveling to the neighbours.
  • Candles may not be placed directly on the linen. Everwood reserves the right to remove the candles if necessary. Candleholders should be wide enough to ensure no wax damage to the linen.
  • No permanent alterations are allowed, to include nails or hooks in the walls, roof or frames. Any damage to Everwood property including linen, beyond reasonable wear and tear will be charged for accordingly. No hanging or attaching to the draping.
  • All bookings, changes, cancellations, postponements and any other arrangements whatsoever need to be reduced to writing and agreed by both parties in writing. No verbal agreement will be binding.

I do feel it important to point out to you, the extreme difference in the price that other venues charge for a wedding compared to what Everwood does. While we provide a simple and pretty venue we lack the ostentation that the others boasts and therefore do not attempt to play in the same market as them. The venue stands as is with the gardens, toilet facilities, chapel openness and simple, yet elegant banqueting hall. Any improvements to it is entirely at your own expense.


A date is reserved by paying a non-refundable R8000 booking fee.

The total estimate cost in a quote will be provided to you at the same time the non-refundable booking fee is due.

6 months prior to the wedding, 40% of the total estimate cost less the non-refundable booking fee is due.

3 months prior to the wedding, 20% of the total estimate cost less the non-refundable booking fee is due.

One month before the wedding date final numbers, menu, decorations and specific requirements will be confirmed in writing (and cannot be changed thereafter) and the total estimate cost will be revised and presented to you in new quote. At this stage the balance of the revised total estimate cost and what you have already paid will become immediately payable. If there is a refund due to you this will only paid after the wedding date.

After the wedding an invoice will be presented and any amounts outstanding will require settlement within 7 days of presentation of the invoice. The breakage deposit may be used to offset any amounts outstanding on the invoice. If there is a balance owed to you this shall be made within 7 days of the invoice.

No cash deposits allowed please unless paid directly to Everwood personnel.


No paper confetti, streamers, feathers, rice are allowed at Everwood. You are welcome to use flower petals. If other confetti types are used regardless of the agreement, the client will be charged per hour for casual cleaning staff.

Everwood shall not be held liable for interruptions of services (water, electricity, sanitary services). We do have a generator for the Banqueting Hall.

Whilst precautions are taken to ensure the safeguarding of your belongings, Everwood will not be liable for loss or damage to any property whatsoever (décor props, wedding gifts, valuables, etc). We recommend that all personal and valuable property be removed directly after the wedding.

Everwood shall not be held liable for any loss of any valuables from the Bridal Suite. Kindly utilize the safe provided for valuable storage. Clients are advised to keep the bridal suite locked while unattended.

A car guard is employed for the safe keeping of the vehicles but Everwood can not be held liable for any loss, damage or theft of any car or valuables from within any vehicle.

  • Décor and props can be removed on the Monday following the wedding. Any items not removed within 7 days of being placed in storage will be discarded. Everwood does not accept liability for loss or damage of any item during this period.
  • Should the Everwood building, surrounding gardens, décor or drapery be damaged by the client or clients’ suppliers during the set-up or break down operations of the function, the client shall be held responsible and will be billed accordingly.
  • Everwood, its employees or any person employed at any wedding will not be held liable for any loss or injury to persons, due to negligence or any other cause whatsoever.


Insurance is available to reduce the costs of cancellations and postponements stated below, please consider this optional extra.

Cancellation/postponement more than 3 months before the booked wedding date: In the event of you cancelling or rescheduling your wedding date reserved with us, after you have booked and paid the agreed amounts, no refund will be made unless it is possible for Everwood to rebook a function of the same value on this date; in which case Everwood will refund you 50% of the paid amounts less the non-refundable booking fee in installments determined by Everwood.

Cancellation/postponement within 3 months of the booked wedding date:Should you cancel the wedding within the 3 months of your wedding date, a refund will not be made and in addition to this, Everwood reserves the right to charge the balance of catering cost in the latest quote provided. A fee of 10% of the total estimate cost will also be charged to cover administration costs.

Everwood reserves the right to cancel any booking forthwith and without liability on its part in the event of any damage to, or destruction of the venue by fire, shortage of labour, strikes, industrial unrest, or any other cause beyond the control of Everwood, which shall prevent it from performing its obligations. In these circumstances every effort will be made to find an alternative venue. Insurance is available to cover you in these circumstances.

The client must confirm all changes and cancellations and postponements in writing.
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