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Food, crockery, cutlery, glasses, barmen, waiters and cleaning staff. Menu prices binding on us for 6 months.
Menu Prices


Buffet Menus – from R205pp
Menu 1 | 3 Course Buffet (excellent value for money) | R330pp
Menu 2 | 3 Course Mediterranean Buffet | R345pp
Menu 6 | 3 Course Buffet (with starter) | R275pp
Menu 6 | 3 Course Buffet (without starter) | R255pp
Menu 6 with Indian options | R255 to R295pp
Budget Menu | R205pp
Plated Menus from R340 pp depending on menu structure (minimum 80, maximum 120 guests).
Braai menu | R260pp
Exciting New Seasonal Harvest Table / Grazing Table Menu | R330pp


SPECIAL MENU PRICES apply for LARGER WEDDINGS with more than 150 guests on regular packages (excluding *special* discounted packages)

Children (2-12 years old) half price – CATERING ONLY. 50% discount for children above only applicable if more than 80 adult guests. Not applicable on special discounted packages.


35% Discount on Everwood items for Fridays, Sundays & Saturdays during June & July.
3 Course Buffet Menu Example
Starter - (1 or 2 starters depending on price range of menu) |   Starter served plated, for example:


  • Marinated biltong, sun-dried tomato & three cheese salad on sweet butter lettuce served with cocktail seed rolls;
  • or Crispy Potato Fritters topped with fresh rocket, herbed cream cheese mousse and smoked salmon served with a blueberry vinaigrette;
  • or Tomato & mozzarella stacks with parsley & lemon granata served with a basil pesto foam;
  • or Proscuitto with watermelon & feta salad;
  • or Rockford mousse with strips of Blackforest ham & green fig syrup served with melba toast;
  • or Shavings of smoked chicken served with salad greens, Italian plum tomatoes & cucumber ribbons with a rose petal & white wine dressing;
  • or Prawn, fresh papaya & macadamia nut salad.


  • Crêpe tulip filled with crispy bacon & brown mushroom relish served with a side salad;
  • or Strips of spicy chicken fillet served on roasted mango with a sweet chilli sauce;
  • or Fried camembert served with Melba toast and a duet of kiwi & blueberry sauce; or Miniature lamb kebabs with a balsamic, mint & rosemary reduction;
  • or Baked black mushrooms topped with mozzarella, rocket and piquant peppers;
  • or Hot squid head & noodle salad with spicy tomato Calde Verde – Portuguese Soup with potato, shaven cabbage & chorizo sausage;
  • or Italian Tomato & basil soup with mozzarella bites or Prawn, fresh papaya & macadamia nut salad
Main Course Buffet


  • Succulent Deboned Leg of Lamb roasted with fresh herbs and “secret seasoning” served with homemade mint and rosemary jelly;
  • or Slices of Roast beef with a coarse black pepper and whole mustard crust served with a creamy paprika sauce;
  • or Pickled Pork Leg slowly baked in the oven and served with fresh fennel and a sweet & sour litchi sauce


  • Chicken Marguerite (grilled chicken in a tangy mango, chutney, rosemary and peppadew sauce);
  • or Coq au Vin (chicken casserole with red wine, bacon, mushrooms & young onion);
  • or Poulet Provençale (fried chicken topped with a sauce of white wine, tomato, black olives, garlic and basil);
  • or Sesame Chicken (filleted chicken breast marinated in olive oil, orange juice, thyme and sesame seed);
  • or Ostrich Goulash with sweet potato & fresh herbs;
  • or Grilled Ostrich Kebabs with Whiskey, Honey & Dijon Mustard;
  • or Smoked Pork Neck Steak with Ginger, Orange & Pineapple;
  • or Marinated Pork Kebabs with roasted pepper and Turkish Apricot


  • Thai Chicken & Vegetable Stir-fry;
  • or Oven Baked Turkey with asparagus, broccoli, pecan nuts & ricotta yoghurt; or Authentic Italian lasagne with sun-dried tomato’s, olives & basil;
  • or Smoked pork & spinach lasagne with roasted plum tomato’s & mozzarella;
  • or Traditional Cape Malay Boboti with dried fruit chutney;
  • or Baked Mushrooms with brown rice, spinach & feta cheese (vegetarian);
  • or Butternut, caramelised onion, peppadew & creamy camembert lasagne (vegetarian)
  • or Young potato’s roasted with olive oil, rosemary and black olives;
  • or Steamed young potato’s with spiced butter or sour-cream & chives;
  • or Savoury brown & wild rice with lentils;
  • or Green Rice Pilaf
Selection of fresh young vegetables roasted with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and sun-dried tomatoes or steamed and served with herbed butter.
Country Fresh Salad Display (3 salads)
For example – Layered Green Salad with Miracle Cream and Garlic Croutons; Marinated Mushroom & sweet pepper salad; Spinach & Orange salad with pecan Nuts and lemon herb dressing; Cucumber, mint and grape salad with chilli vinaigrette; Mediterranean Mixed Salad (Greek salad theme); Roasted Italian Rosa Tomato with goats cheese & butter lettuce salad; Crunchy Baby Marrow & Carrot Salad with roasted seeds and olive oil, lemon and thyme dressing; etc
Dessert - Everwood Dessert Display (2 or 3 desserts)


For Example – Pavlova with amaretto mascarpone cream filling topped with fresh seasonal fruit; Chocolate Mousse garnished with fresh cream and chocolate shavings; Passion Fruit Crème Caramel; Cheese cake with mixed berry ganache;

Italian Vanilla Ice Cream with a dark chocolate & orange sauce or a “fruits of the forest” sauce; Cape Brandy & Pecan Nut Tart served with a dark chocolate dressing and fresh cream;

The Best Ever Malva Pudding served with Apricot Compote and Vanilla Mascarpone; etc.

Roasted Camembert Cheese, Topped with Nuts and Caramel served with a & Fresh Fruit Plate .

English tea, Rooibos, Coffee After .

Dinner Mints.
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